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4′ Plastic Ridge Vent

Shingle over ridge vent provides maximum ventilation, prevents precipitation and bug infiltration, and protects seams from leaks.

White and Galvanized Roof Edge

Comes in 10’ lengths.

#15 or #30 Felt Paper

#15 Felt covers 400 sq ft., while the #30 covers 200 sq. ft. — but provides a thicker, more tear resistant shingle underlayment.

Aluminum and Galvanized Flashing

We stock a variety of widths, from 8″ – 20″, in 50′ rolls.

90 lb. Roll Roofing

Covers 100 sq ft. per roll. Stocked in Black.

Roofing Nails

Hand-drive roofing nails are available in a variety of different lengths and in 1lb., 5lb. and 30lb. containers.

Coil Roofing Nails

Used in coil roofing nail guns, they are packed 7,200 per box.

Coil Roofing Nailer

Available for purchase in each BDC showroom.

Button Cap Nails

Used to nail down felt underlayment or house wrap, button caps are available in a 1lb. box container or 3,000-count bucket.

Roof Pipe Flashings

3-N-1 pipe boots (fit most common 1-1/2″ – 3″ pipes), 4″ pipe boots, and pipe collars.

Power Vent

Available at select locations in a black, brown and mill finish.

Roof Jacks

Commonly known as slantback or “turtle” vents, these are available in both 6″ and 8″ —in black, brown, and mill finish (at select locations).

Contact your local BDC for pricing.

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